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Protecting your inventions and technology improvements to transform them into business assets.



A necessary IP for all consumer facing companies. Our software enabled processes ensure speed and accuracy.


Design Registration

Creativity translates to business profits when unique design elements are protected and marketed well.


Support Services for IPR Law firms and Lawyers

Our team of seasoned patent analysts and reasearchers are at your disposable. Whether to help with invalidity studies, or for patent landscape studies, you can rely on us.

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We Are A Full Service IP Consulting Firm

Our team of 70+ IP Professionals is ready to help you create competitive advantage and IP assets. Be it patenting your inventions, protecting your brand, or registering new product design, we take care of the complexities for you. Here is a brief list of services we provide.


Get Patent Pending

Protect your new inventions, they can be the next billion dollar thing. Start with a patent application to get patent pending.

Patent Novelty Search

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Patent novelty searches are conducted by qualified engineers and scientists. They are done to estimate the chances of getting a patent granted, given all the other patents and publications out there.

Patent Application Drafting

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Patent applications are drafted by our team of qualified patent agents and patent attorneys with engineering and science degrees. They understand your technology well, and can get you the maximum rights.

Patent Filing

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Patent filing in India can be done by qualified patent agents. Our patent agents are certified by the Indian Patent Office. Your patent application enters the patent office file on time without any excess costs.

Global Patent Filing

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With presence in 6 countries we have native presence near your markets of interest. Filing across Europe, US, Canada, India, and other countries is done by a competent team with know-how of local patent offices.

Patent Prosecution and Grant

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When patent offices raise objections against your patent application, we have to address these objections. This process is called patent prosecution. Successful prosecution leads to a patent being granted.

With 3000+ projects under our belt, we know how to get your patent granted.

Trademark your Brands

A logo, a tagline, a colour, and even a sound, can help your customers relate to your products and your company. Protect your brands with trademarks.

Trademark Searches

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Trademarks are one of the most popular forms of IP, and a lot of trademark applications are filed. It is, therefore, necessary to do a search to understand if your trademark will be granted or not.

Trademark Application Filing

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In India Trademark application filing requires the right forms to be filled and filed online. Our trademark attorneys have the experience and expertise to file your application such that your trademark gets granted with least objections.

Global Trademark Filing

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As you expand your brand overseas you will have to protect your brand in those countries too. Our global offices ensure that you get a trademark for your brand in all countries of interest.

Trademark Litigation Support

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Sometimes others copy your brand to profit from the goodwill you have generated. In these cases, you have to exercise your rights. Our attorneys will ensure your rights are honoured and preserved.

Trademark Renewals

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Trademarks expire every 10 years. Timely renewals and response to trademark office is necessary to keep your rights intact.

Design Registration

The classic coke bottle, the Apple iPod, that new bike, all of them are remembered due to their unique design. Register the design of your product to prevent others from copying it.

Design Application Preparation

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Design registration applications have to be prepared with care, ensuring all unique aspects of the product are captured.

Design Filing

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Design application is filed as per the norms provided by Indian IP laws.

Design Registration

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Objections from the IP offices are handled by our experienced attorneys, ensuring you get your rights granted.

Global Design Protection

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In some countries, designs are protected by “design patents” and in others there is no mechanism to protect designs.

Our global offices help you decide the best way to protect your unique design in all countries of interest.

Design Rights Litigation Support

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The famous billion dollar Apple vs. Samsung lawsuits were based on Design Patents. If your product is popular, then others will copy you. Our attorneys will help you preserve your rights.

In 6 Countries

Our offices in 6 countries ensures that you have global protection and you have a team available 24/7.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With 3000+ projects and 350+ customers, we are confident we will get your IP rights granted in the right countries.

Free Consultations

Our team of over 70 IP Professionals is available to answer your queries and help create IP assets.

Patents, Trademarks, Designs, Your creations, Your advantage.

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