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We Are A Full Service IP Consulting Firm

Our team of 70+ IP Professionals is ready to help you better serve your clients. Be it finding the right priort art, analysis gaps in patents, OR creating a patent landscape, we are here to help.


Patent Invalidation Searches

An invalidity or opposition search is to identify patents and non-patent documents which may impact the claims of a specific patent.

This can help block patents, establish solidity for licensing opportunities in your portfolio, and even help settle patent litigations.

A team lead by a subject matter expert  conducts prior art searches. Our team evaluates each document within the databases along with any arguments raised against them.

They also go through prior art searches taking into consideration both sides’ points before deciding whether there are grounds enough for opposing validity based off these findings.

Book a consultation to hire one the best prior art / invalidation search teams.

Patent Landscape Report

With the help of Patent Landscape Report, you can easily understand what is happening in any industry of interest.

Our reports are designed to efficiently address concerns associated with making high stakes decisions regarding various areas related to technology. 

Our analysis increases one’s confidence when considering patenting strategies for their company or business .

We’ll provide detailed analysis that will give an accurate picture where research activity has taken place over time as well as who owns patents on certain products/services.

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Our offices in 6 countries ensures that you have global protection and you have a team available 24/7.

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With 3000+ projects and 350+ customers, we are confident we will get your IP rights granted in the right countries.

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Our team of over 70 IP Professionals is available to answer your queries and help create IP assets.

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