Incentives by DIPP for IPR filing

by Jul 27, 2022IPR Incentives

Increasing public knowledge of the economic, social, and cultural benefits of IPRs among all societal segments is one of the key goals of the National IPR Policy. A program called “Scheme for IPR Awareness” has been developed under The Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) to fulfil this mandate.

The Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) is renamed as Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) under the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Keeping in mind the national priorities and socio-economic goals, Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) is in charge of developing and implementing promotional and developmental measures for the growth of the industrial sector. The organisation is in charge of the overall Industrial Policy. The information regarding the policy and the procedure is available on the website 

Purpose of DPIIT

  1. Monitoring specific industrial sectors as well as overall industrial growth and production.
  2. Examines, evaluates, and forecasts the demand for technological advancement in industrial sectors.
  3. Accountable for facilitating and boosting the country’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflow.
  4. Responsible for promoting the development of technological competence in numerous industry sectors through a liberal policy on foreign technology partnerships. 
  5. Actively promotes investment by disseminating information on the investment climate and prospects in India and by guiding potential investors regarding licensing laws and procedures, international partnerships, and the import of capital goods.
  6.  In charge of Intellectual Property Rights regarding Patents, Designs, Trade Marks, and Geographical Indication of Goods.

Incentives by DPIIT for IPR filing 

The Scheme for Facilitating Start-Ups Intellectual Property Protection (SIPP) was introduced by the Indian government to support new businesses. This program was developed to reach out to start-ups, preserve and promote their intellectual property rights, and so inspire innovation and creativity among business owners. The Scheme went into effect in March 2020 after being implemented as a pilot program in January 2016. The SIPP plan will now be extended for a further three years, or until March 31, 2023, according to a notification from the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT).

Incentives for IPR filing

  1. The Scheme for Facilitating Start-Ups Intellectual Property Protection (SIPP) was established to raise awareness of and support IPR protection among start-ups.
  2. Beginning businesses can use patent, trademark, and design services by paying only the necessary statutory costs; professional expenses are not covered by the SIPP scheme.
  3. For services linked to obtaining Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), the Government would pay minor professional fees to the attorneys or trademark agents in charge of managing the IPR procedure.
  4. Under this SIPP scheme, start-ups can take advantage of a comprehensive range of services from beginning to end, including general advice, help with drafting applications, assistance with preparing and filing responses to examination reports, appearances at hearings, contesting opposition, and ensuring the final disposition of the Intellectual Property Rights application.
  5. The DPIIT has appointed several facilitators for the scheme’s effective implementation, and they are obligated to offer Start-Ups IPR-related services.
  6. According to the plan, facilitators won’t charge a Start-Up anything. The government is responsible for paying the fees.

Start-Up Initiative by DPITT

On August 15, 2015, the Indian Prime Minister unveiled the Start-up India Initiative. The primary objective of the flagship program is to create a robust ecosystem for fostering start-ups and innovation in the nation, which will promote long-term economic growth and create significant employment possibilities.

To avail DPIIT Certificate of Recognition, the Start-up must meet the following eligibility criteria: 

  1. Ten years from the date of establishment, the Start-Ups’ period of existence and operations should not be exceeded.
  2. The Start-Ups that are incorporated as a Private Limited Company, a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), or a Registered Partnership Firm are given the DPIIT Certificate of Recognition.
  3. The organization must have a 100-crore rupee annual revenue for each fiscal year since its federation.
  4. The business cannot receive a DPIIT Certificate of Recognition if it was formed by dissolving or creating a new entity.
  5. The organization should be engaged in the process of developing a good, method, or service.
  6. The organization should have a scalable business plan with excellent employment and income development prospects. The business should be able to increase wealth or employment.

Points to Remember

  • On the Start-Up India website, the Certificate of Recognition issued by DPIIT can be confirmed.
  • The Inter-Ministerial Board of Certification will not require a certificate of eligibility from Start-Ups covered by this program.
  • Start-ups must self-certify that they have not used funding from any other government program to pay a facilitator, a patent agent, or a trademark agent to file and pursue an IP application. 
  • The facilitator or the government will not in any way receive ownership rights to the IPR established by this plan, and the Start-Up will retain complete ownership of the IP created.


Any company organization can use intellectual property rights (lPRs) as a strategic instrument to increase industrial competitiveness. It is equally important for start-ups to preserve their IPRs because they can only survive in this fiercely competitive market through constant growth and development-oriented innovations. The government of India seeks simplification, financial support, and industry-academia collaboration through the start-up India project. The organization in charge of it is DPIIT.

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