Design Registration

Protect your product’s design

Best for Jewellery Designers, Furniture Designers, Automotive Manufacturers, Fashion Designers, and Industrial Designers.

The classic coke bottle, the Apple iPod, that new bike, all of them are remembered due to their unique designs. Register the design of your product to prevent others from copying it.

Who benefits from Design Registrations?

Jewellery Designers

Car Designers

Fashion Designers

Bike Designers

Furniture Designers

Industrial Product Designers


How we help you protect your design?

Design Application Preparation

Design registration applications have to be prepared with care, ensuring all unique aspects of the product are captured.

Design Filing

Design application is filed as per the norms provided by Indian IP laws. Once accepted, they are valid for 15 years.

Design Registration

Objections from the IP offices are handled by our experienced attorneys, ensuring you get your rights granted.

Global Design Protection

Our global offices help you decide the best way to protect your unique design in all countries of interest.

Design Rights Litigation Support

The famous billion dollar Apple vs. Samsung lawsuits were based on Design Patents. If your product is popular, then others will copy you. Our team of attorneys will help you preserve your rights.

Design IP Audit

Which design should be registered? Not easy to decide if you create many products or are in a hyper competitive industry. Let our team do a Design IP Audit and help you decide.

Design Registrations In India

The process is very simple. Your product’s photographs are required. That is all.

Design registrations last for 15 years in India. That is a long time to block your competitors.

Design registrations are a great way to block your competitors. When the looks of your products are a major selling point, they tend to get copied. By registering the design in India, you can stop people from copying it for 15 years!!

You can stop copycats, and take them to court to claim damages. Design Registrations are one of the best and cost effective ways to gain competitive advantage in the market today. Apply Now!


Protecting your inventions and technology improvements to transform them into business assets.



A necessary IP for all consumer facing companies. Our software enabled processes ensure speed and accuracy.


Design Registration

Creativity translates to business profits when unique design elements are protected and marketed well.


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