Patent services

Developing a strong IP Strategy that is closely linked to that the business is looking to achieve gives a lasting competitive advantage and is key for success. We have the experience of doing this with some of the world’s leading IP organisations.

We help companies expanding into new markets with freedom to operate studies, Mergers & Acquisition target identification, acquiring patents among other projects. With years of experience in innovation, IP management and technology commercialization we have the team and know-how to tailor projects around your requirements.

We have extensive experience of working in Indian, European, US, or Other Asian markets and understanding the nuances of different cultures. We have worked in Open Innovation collaborations, technology transfer projects from world leading Universities, and with startups looking to launch market disruptive innovations.

  • Patent drafting and prosecution
  • Patent searching, landscaping, state of Art search
  • Patent Invalidity and freedom to operate search
  • Patent licensing and commercialization projects
  • Patent portfolio review and buying/selling patents
  • Patent Analytics
  • Patent Scoring & Valuation
  • Technology scouting
  • Patent Illustrations
  • Patent Docketing / Paralegal Support Services

If you are looking to buy or sell IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) – Patents, Designs or Trade Marks – we are able to represent you, identify targets or buyers and maximize the value of the transaction.

Arctic Invent provides fee based consulting services for clients looking to identifying new partners and patented technologies. Our team works across time zones to efficiently identify leading research, products and key inventors in your current or future markets.

Trade marks

Trade Mark and Design registration advice

Trademark and Design Search services

IP Advisory & Management

We have a track record of IPR transactions and an extensive network in the IP industry. We will work with you through the sales cycle in clearing, packaging, valuing, and negotiating the transactions. Our specialist areas are:

  • M&A Due Diligence
  • IPR Valuation
  • IPR Acquisition
  • IPR Licensing
  • IPR Sale
  • Business Research
  • Mergers & Acquisitions support with IP Due Diligence and data room set up
  • IP strategy for optimised organisational setup and best practice
  • Innovation workshops to identify patentable inventions

We have worked with inventors, SMEs and multinationals globally on IPR transactions. Our clients often prefer us to act on their behalf to acquire IPR and we work with highest professionalism, integrity and confidentiality, as these transactions are of strategic and business critical importance.